My Career and Placement

  • A paramount question behind pursuing all courses is to get good placement. It goes without saying that we need to plant fruit trees to get fruits.

scsood1 Colonel SC Sood(Veteran)

  • Similarly you need to enhance your skills to get the fruit of “good placement”. If you are pursuing B. Tech, M. Tech, BCA, MCA or any other course, there is always some free time available before start of a new semester/course. During this period you look for doing something useful for your career and placement. This is the time when we have difficulty in decision making: What training course should I do? What skills should I develop? If this is the dilemma, you are at the right place.
  • We aim at enhancing your eCompetence as well as 360 personality through consultancy and training. You would find subjects such as  Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) including hardware and software, Open Source Software (Linux), Micro-controllers and Embedded Systems, electronics, physics, electricity etc. We also provide training and guidance on leadership and officer like qualities (OLQ), human psychology, Indian philosophy, religion and peace of mind, Please go through various menu options.
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